Anti-Theft Bike Tracking Device With Audible Alarm

Anti-Theft Bike Tracking Device With Audible Alarm


Make the most of your investment in security with a bike tracking device complete with a 90 dB alarm.

Audible alarms are safety lifelines that are great for peace of mind, and effective against theft. If your bike tracking device doesn’t have a remote activated alarm, you might be missing out on some serious anti-theft benefits.

Protect My Bicycle Now

Learn about our bike tracking device that’s complete with a 90 decibel audible alarm. It’ll help increase your chances of recovering a stolen bicycle, and deter thieves from the start.

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  • Use a bike tracking device alarm to scare away thieves
  • Alert the authorities should your bicycle go missing
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Sound Your Bike Tracking Device Alarm

Your bike tracking device should do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Imagine commuting to work, stopping at the local coffee shop, or just taking your ride out for a spin — without having to worry about your bicycle’s security.

No more frantic checks out the window at the bike rack or quick jogs downstairs to make sure your bike is where you left it. Not only does a bike tracking device help keep thieves away, but it’ll also help you recover it if it’s stolen.

The Galeo Theft Prevention and Recovery Device attaches to your bicycle with tamper-resistant bolts. If a thief sees it, they might pause before cutting your lock. And if they don’t see your bike tracking device right away, you can sound an alarm that’ll draw attention to the thief.

Galeo’s remote activated alarm rings at an astounding 90 decibels (dB). That’s louder than vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, and bulldozers — which is more than enough to put the spotlight on someone who’s up to no good.

Plus, our battery is designed to last up to three weeks, even with regular use. You’ll also get a 2-meter USB-C charging cable to keep the battery charged easily.

Use A Bike Tracking Device To Alert Authorities

Should your bicycle go missing, you can sound the alarm to hopefully slow down or even stop the thief. Then, with Galeo’s data plan, you can track your bicycle from anywhere — and share its location with the local police or authorities in real-time.

Half the battle of recovering a stolen bike is knowing where it is, and Galeo is there every step of the way with:

  • Motion alert notifications sent to your phone
  • Mobile-activated alarms
  • LTE-enabled GPS tracking

Increase your chances of bicycle recovery with a high-quality, durable, and affordable bike tracking device. Connect your Galeo Theft Prevention and Recovery Device via BlueTooth and make sure to get our optional data plan to keep an eye on your bicycle, no matter where it is.

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