How to Prevent Theft with a Bicycle GPS Tracker

How to Prevent Theft with a Bicycle GPS Tracker

Millions of bicycles are stolen each year in the United States — here’s how to make sure yours isn’t one of them.

More and more cities in the United States embrace their cycling communities each year. City-sponsored trails, public bike racks, and expansive bicycle lanes make it easier for cyclists to get around urban areas — and thieves have caught on. Upwards of two million bicycles are stolen each year and cyclists are turning to technology to both prevent theft and recover stolen bicycles.

Whether you bike to work every day or take your beach cruiser out for Sunday coffee runs, it’s important you invest in a bicycle GPS tracker to up your security game. It’s one of your best lines of defense as a cyclist against thieves — and if you use the tips below, you’ll be more than prepared to stop thieves in their tracks.

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A Bicycle GPS Tracker Gets Thieves Off Your Back

No matter how much your bicycle is worth, it could be a bike thieve’s next target — especially if there aren’t any obvious signs of security. Many thieves want an easy steal and if your bike has a visible bicycle GPS tracker, they just might think twice.

An anti-theft device bolted between the handlebars is a visual deterrent for thieves who want a quick getaway (and don’t want to deal with the police or an angry cyclist). Plus, if you invest in a Galeo Theft Prevention and Recovery Device, you’ll also receive a Project 529 Serial Number Shield.

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Project 529 is an online bicycle registry that helps cyclists and police work together when a bike is stolen. The organization issues Serial Number Shield stickers that help keep thieves away because a registered bicycle is more likely to be recovered by the police than one that isn’t.

Act Even Faster With A Bicycle GPS Tracker

Even if your bike is registered and you’ve got a bicycle GPS tracker installed, you may still fall victim to a bike thief. If this happens, your bicycle GPS tracker lets you take action faster than you would be otherwise.

When you install a bicycle GPS tracker and register your bike online with a reputable registry, your chances of theft decrease dramatically. However, there’s always a chance your bicycle may be stolen anyway. If you fall victim to bike theft, your bicycle GPS tracker lets you take action faster than you would be able to otherwise.

With motion sensors, alarms, mobile alerts, and tamper-resistant design, Galeo lets you know when something’s wrong. Every second counts when your bike is being stolen and Galeo gives you the chance to:

  • Investigate the situation
  • Work with the police to track and recover your bicycle
  • Know where your bicycle is at all times

Plus, Galeo’s sleek and water-resistant design means you can leave your bicycle GPS tracker running all year long — no matter the weather. Just charge the battery every once in a while and you’re all set.

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More Anti-Theft Tips

A quality bicycle GPS tracker is one of the biggest security investments you can make as a cyclist. To decrease your chances of bike theft even more, here are a few tips you can use on your next adventure.

  • Park your bicycle in high-traffic areas
  • Properly lock up your bike every single time, even if it’s indoors
  • If you’re in public, secure your bicycle to something sturdy and immobile

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