How to Choose the Best Bike GPS Tracker

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect yourself from falling victim to bike theft with a GPS tracker that prioritizes prevention and recovery.

Whether you’ve recently taken up cycling or you’ve been in the bike saddle since you could walk, your bicycle is both your companion and an investment. No one wants the induced stress and onset panic that comes with the discovery that your bike is no longer in the last place you parked it. 

A stolen bicycle is more than a nuisance because, in many cases, it can affect your livelihood. Bike theft has been and continues to be a growing problem. In fact, every year it’s a billion-dollar issue for North America. Fortunately the right technology is out there to protect your ride and, in turn, your mental health and your wallet. 

Your best bet is to equip your bicycle with a GPS tracker to fortify your line of defense. You’ll want a tracking device with features that prevent bike theft and, should your bike be subject to thievery, help recover your stolen property.

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What is a bike GPS tracker?

Want to know where your bike is at all times? Equip your bicycle with a live GPS tracking system for reassurance and spare yourself the anxiety. At its most basic level, a bike GPS locator can give you that peace of mind by pinpointing its position. It can also save you from an awkward search for your bicycle should you forget where you parked it among a sea of road bikes, fixies, and e-bikes. No one has to know. 

But it doesn’t stop there. You now have access to a robust anti-theft device loaded with the latest GPS, motion sensing, and cellular technologies. 

So, how do you choose the best device to suit your pedaling needs? Stick around and to explore the following:

  • A design that is both durable and reliable.
  • Easy access to real-time data and settings.
  • A range of services at a price that fits your budget.
  • How can theft be prevented?
  • What can be done to recover your bike if it is stolen?

A design to match the endurance of a cyclist.

Any technological device is only as useful as it is reliable. Because it is mounted directly onto your bike, the small GPS tracker device needs to be able to withstand a variety of elements and interference. Think maximum resistance to:

  1. WATER: We’re talking rain, snow, muddy puddle splashes, and even brief submersion. 
  2. TAMPERING: Meddlers and tool-wielding tinkerers won’t stand a chance against high-quality, tamper-resistant hardware.
  3. SHENANIGANS: A discreet and sleek design mounted between the handlebars, or directly to your bike’s frame, so it never gets in the way.

Top that off with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery so your GPS tracker can keep on chugging for weeks.

A water-resistant theft prevention and recovery device that is designed by engineers who specialize in the development of ruggedized electronics like those at Galeo can handle the day-to-day escapades of any cyclist.

Real-time accessibility in your pocket. 

While your bicycle is fitted with a GPS tracking device, you need a convenient way to access location services, configure settings, and receive notifications. With a compatible app that you can download on your smartphone, you receive real-time tracking alerts and control your settings from anywhere.

Because your bicycle GPS tracker is always on duty, it should be able to differentiate between you and someone else with sticky fingers. A tactfully designed mobile app can be programmed to detect your presence as you approach your bike so your trusty tracker doesn’t raise the alarm.

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Service options to fit your budget.

A bike GPS tracker that connects to your phone either via BlueTooth or cellular network provides you with options that are sensitive to both your financial and situational needs.

In the booth with BlueTooth.

By having a tracking solution that utilizes a BlueTooth connection, you can rely on proximity-based feedback and automated features triggered by distance. At a one-time cost for the tracking device itself, a bike GPS tracker with built-in BlueTooth capabilities provides you with a reliable array of features to reduce bicycle theft and increase your chances of recovery.

A pedaler with cellular.

To tack on a second layer of connectivity, a robust bike GPS tracker uses cellular technology to transmit the exact gps-location of your bike, regardless of proximity. With a built-in SIM card and LTE-enabled GPS technology, you can opt for a low-cost data plan (seriously, we’re talking less than two dollars per month) to tap into your bike GPS tracker’s full potential.

Not sure what kind of service you need? Because Galeo’s Theft Prevention and Recovery Device works out of the box, you can gauge your security needs with the features that use BlueTooth connection. You can easily purchase a data plan through their mobile app at any time to enhance your protection with cellular technology.

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How can a bike GPS tracker prevent bike theft?

Are those... your spidey senses tingling?

As it reacts to your proximity, a bike GPS tracker gives you an immediate heads up if the BlueTooth connection between your phone and bike GPS tracker is broken. You’ll be alerted the second it’s out of range.

Stay attached to your bike at the proverbial hip.

It’s as if you always have one hand on your handlebars. If any movement is sensed, from an accidental bump to a deliberate shakedown, you’ll be alerted immediately with a push notification on your phone through the mobile app. A built-in accelerometer allows you to investigate the moment it happens.

Think home security yard signs, except for your bike.

There’s no denying the efficacy of a visual deterrent. Your average bicycle thief will be scouting for easy prey, and a visible GPS device will thwart plans for a covert mission. If they do give it a go, tamper-resistant hardware will keep them busy after you’ve been dispatched by the app -- thank you motion alerts.

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What can a bike GPS tracker do if my bike is stolen?

No matter the distance, you’ve got eyes on your bike.

If your bicycle is stolen, GPS tracking solutions let you know the whereabouts of your bike at any given moment, whether it’s 5, 50, or 500 miles away. With this you can act quickly and provide specific information to the police.

Blow the whistle.

You can activate a sound alarm directly from an easy-to-use mobile app to audibly detect where your bike is currently at, scare off a thief mid-heist, and alert bystanders.

Find strength in numbers.

Coordinate with cyclists and law enforcement by registering with the world’s largest bike database program. When you invest in a Galeo Theft Prevention and Recovery Device you’re armed with a Project 529 serial number shield so your bicycle can be returned to you once it's recovered.

It’s your bike, and you can keep it that way.

As a responsible cyclist, you should always practice traditional theft prevention such as properly locking up your bicycle and choosing well-lit, high-traffic areas to park it. Pair these helpful habits with a robust and reliable bike GPS tracker to optimize your bike’s security game. 

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Curious what’s being done to put an end to bike theft? Check out these helpful resources and spread awareness among your community.