Best Bike Tracker With Motion Alarm

When it comes to theft prevention, every second counts. Protect your bicycle with a GPS bike tracker armed with motion-sensing technology that can alert you in real time.

Bike theft continues to plague cycling communities primarily because bicycles can be easy targets. Thieves consider bike theft a low-risk crime for quick and easy money.

As a bicycle owner it’s your responsibility to be proactive. In conjunction with proper locking tactics, upgrade your bike’s security with a revolutionary bike tracker. Bicycle theft is frequently prevented when a thief believes it’ll take more than a couple seconds to do the deed. Make them think twice by creating obstacles. 

The best GPS tracking device for bikes is armed with cutting-edge features that prioritize theft prevention. 

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What’s in this article?

  • Real-time motion and proximity sensors that keep you vigilant
  • Versatile features that boost protection
  • A bike tracker programmed to prevent and recover

High-Quality Bike Tracker With Real-Time Sensors

The latest technology in bicycle theft prevention equips a bike tracker with the ability to alert the owner – in real time – when their bike is disturbed. Motion-sensing alarms pair with LTE-enabled GPS to provide layers to your bike’s security.

With over two million bicycles stolen every year in North America, cyclists need a game-changer to gain back their peace of mind. A high-quality, anti-theft asset tracker is a security solution mounted to your bike for protection wherever you go. Rest easy knowing the device’s motion-sensing technology pings you as soon as movement is detected or your ride goes out of range. 

User-Friendly Mobile App For Optimal Accessibility

A quality bike tracker system interfaces with an iOS and Android mobile application to give you ultimate control and quick access. Use your smartphone to:

  • Monitor your anti-theft device 
  • Know where your bike is at all times
  • Receive real-time notifications
  • Conveniently change alert preferences
  • Configure device and account settings
  • Activate your cellular connection

What’s more, if you invest in a Galeo Theft Prevention and Recovery Device you can tap a button in our app to emit a sound directly from the device attached to your bicycle.

Establish a Safety Zone

By sensing your proximity, Galeo’s Alert when out of Range feature sends a push notification to your cell phone as soon as your bicycle breaks BlueTooth connection. Be notified whenever that virtual perimeter is crossed to keep tabs on your bike’s whereabouts and your proximity to it. If your parked bicycle isn’t in the safest area, you may want to stay close. 

Protect Your Bike With Galeo

Be Alerted to Suspicious Movement

Get notified immediately upon any suspicious movement or attempted theft of your bike with Galeo’s Alert on Motion feature. Our Theft Prevention and Recovery Device sports a built-in accelerometer that alerts you the moment it detects any motion or vibration.

While you’re on your way to investigate a real-time motion warning, Galeo’s tamper-resistant hardware narrows an ambitious thief’s chances to score. Theft averted! 

Get More Protection From Your Bike Tracker

Our waterproof bike theft prevention and recovery tracker works right out of the box so you can safely act sooner. A variety of alerts and settings have you covered no matter what scenario plays out.

Sound The Alarm

If your bicycle is stolen, the culprit isn’t out of the woods just yet. Remotely activate the sound alarm on Galeo’s anti-theft device capable of emitting up to 90 decibels. With the same preventative potency as the motion sensor alerts, triggering this alarm could be your nearly-stolen bike’s salvation. This simple yet effective tool can do one, two, or all three of the following in a matter of seconds:

  • Scare Off The Thief
  • Alert Bystanders
  • Help You Locate It Nearby

The usefulness of the Sound Alarm feature doesn’t stop there. In the Galeo mobile app, a volume slider allows you to control the volume of the bike tracker’s audible alarm. Employ the sound alarm as a discreet beacon if you need help pinpointing where you parked your bike.

Be Your Own VIP

A bike tracker with intuitive proximity-sensing technology can detect its best friend from foe. Our Smart Commute feature recognizes when it’s you approaching your bicycle to disable motion sensing alerts. With immunity to your anti-theft bike tracker’s motion detectors you’ll never have to filter through false alerts. 

Depending on your daily routine you may not want to enable Smart Commute. This feature is optional and you can opt in or out of it via the alert settings in the mobile app.

Cast a Wide Net

A multi-level security system allows you to play both offense and defense. Many bicycle tracking devices fall into one of two camps: BlueTooth or GPS. Galeo built a small, cellular connected device with live GPS tracking to take advantage of both technologies for enhanced protection and flexibility.

BlueTooth technology forms a local security field to retrieve reliable and accurate location-based and motion-sensing feedback over a stable connection. It consumes very little power and allows an extended battery life for cyclists on the go. The capacity of the rechargeable battery in Galeo’s realtime tracking device can power through three weeks of regular use.

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Our 4G LTE-enabled GPS technology also gives you the option to tap into Verizon’s cellular network. Cast a wider net and remotely track your bike from anywhere through Galeo’s optional data plan. 

With a built-in SIM card already installed, you can activate Galeo’s cellular connection through the easy-to-use mobile app. For less than $2 per month, our optional data plan cranks up the security and maximizes your coverage. Should your bike be stolen, that no longer has to mean it’s lost. 

Benefit From Your Bike Tracker’s Alerts

This anti-theft device was developed by a team that specializes in ruggedized electronics. With our mission to effectively reduce bicycle theft and increase recovery, our robust tracking solutions are up to the task. 

Reduce The Risk Of Theft

An on-board GPS bike tracker with innovative features can significantly reduce the risk of theft or loss. Consider what role each feature plays in creating obstacles to prevent your bike from being swiped.

Picture it: Your beloved bicycle, equipped with the Galeo Theft Prevention and Recovery Device, is securely locked to a bike rack as you meet a friend. You walk away from your bike with the peace of mind that your bicycle tracker’s armed and on guard.

THEFT OBSTACLE #1: With a live GPS tracker mounted between the handlebars as a visual deterrent, a thief will likely hesitate. 

THEFT OBSTACLE #2: Galeo’s Alert when out of Range feature tips you off when you pass the virtual perimeter. Not wanting to go too far, you choose to stay within range.

THEFT OBSTACLE #3: Despite seeing a tracking unit, a thief wants to try their luck. Galeo’s Alert on Motion feature detects their movement and notifies you immediately.

THEFT OBSTACLE #4: Galeo’s american-made device is secured to your bicycle with tamper-resistant bolts. As you approach your bike the thief struggles to disable the tracker device. 

Increase The Odds Of Recovery

THEFT OBSTACLE #5: The thief makes off around the corner with your bike in a panic. You activate Galeo’s Sound Alarm feature to expose your thief mid-heist. The blaring buzzer attracts the attention of everyone in the area and the thief abandons your bicycle to avoid getting caught.

After a failed theft attempt, repurpose the sound alarm to quickly pinpoint your bike’s exact location nearby.

THEFT OBSTACLE #6: A thief escapes with your bicycle. Your Galeo tracking app not only transmits the coordinates of your bike’s GPS-location, it opens the default maps app on your smartphone routing you straight to it.

Recovery is absolutely in the cards when a bicycle is stolen and the device is disabled. When you choose to safeguard your bike with Galeo you receive a Project 529 serial number shield. By registering your bicycle’s serial number with 529 Garage – a community of cyclists and law enforcement dedicated to ending bike theft – your bike is safely returned to you once it’s recovered.

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