How To Install A GPS Tracker For Bike

Galeo’s sleek design and easy installation will have you back on the trails in no time!

A GPS tracking device is a small gadget that attaches to your bike and sends alerts if it’s stolen or tampered with. Most are small, lightweight, and connect to the bike frame, seat, or handlebars. The GPS tracker for bike connects with your smartphone via an app, which helps you track down your bike and alert authorities if it's been stolen.

When you research tracking devices look for one that: 

  • Can be readily identified 
  • Can't be easily removed 
  • Has a long battery life 
  • Connects with your cell phone 
  • Has an alarm

There's no shortage of GPS trackers on the market. So when it's time to decide which one is right for your bicycle, here are some important things to keep in mind before you buy – including how easy it is to install.

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What’s in this article?

  • Find the right tools
  • Decide where to install your GPS tracker for bike
  • How to install
  • Post-installation 

Grab The Tools You’ll Need Before You Get Started

Open the GPS tracker for your bike and take a look at the hardware. Pay special attention to the type of screwdriver that is needed – you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you need a Phillips and you only have a slotted!

Are there any extra tools you’ll need to provide on your own? Missing a necessary tool can delay the process and cause unnecessary headaches. 

Galeo comes equipped with everything you’ll need for installation – no extra tools required! 

Included in the box: 

  • GPS Tracking Unit
  • 1-Meter USB-C Cable Charger
  • Adjustable Handlebar Mount
  • Tamper Resistant Hardware
  • Project 529 Shield Registration Card
  • Allen Wrench
  • 2 Screws

That's right! Galeo includes a small, L-shaped tool to tighten the screws against the hardware. Also known as a hex key, this piece of hard steel is easy to use and fits snuggly into the socket or the provided screws. 

An important factor among what is included in the box with your Galeo GPS tracker for bike is the tamper-resistant hardware. The design of the mount allows you to install your tracker without worry that a potential thief can come along and remove it, rendering it useless. 

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Where You Should Install Your GPS Tracker For Bike

DIfferent bike trackers call for different setups. Some are mounted based on personal preference, and some must be mounted in a spot based on best use. The three most common installation sites are: 

  • On the handlebars
  • Attached to the frame

Be sure to read your instruction manual to find out which position is the best for your specific GPS bike tracking technology. 

For optimal performance, Galeo should be positioned on the handlebar mount. This tracker was created by a team of engineers well versed in rugged electronics. Plus, it’s water-resistant! Mount your tracker on your handlebars free from worry that it’ll be ruined on rough terrain or in the rain. The hardware mount can be adjusted to fit most handlebars. 

As an added benefit, a tracking device mounted on the handlebars makes it obvious your bike is protected and deters most thieves. Similar to a security camera, someone is less likely to ride off on your bike if they fear they can be caught. 

However, Galeo understands that not all cyclists want a GPS tracker mounted on the handlebars. If you prefer to mount it a little lower, or somewhere out of your line of sight, you can attach it to the bike frame! Simply remove your water bottle cage, replace it with your tracker, and you are good to go. 

Pro Tip: No matter where you decide to mount your GPS tracker, Galeo should be pointed upright. 

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How to Install Your GPS Tracker For Bike

Remember, everything you need to complete installation arrives in a nice little package – literally – and from start to finish shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to install.

The first step is to open the box and verify that you have received all the necessary parts. Once confirmed, grab your bicycle and follow these simple steps: 

  1. Grab your mount, tracker, and Allen wrench. 
  2. Secure the mount around the handlebar (or bike frame, it’s your choice!)
  3. Tighten the tamper-resistant bolts using the Allen wrench. 
  4. Voilá!

It’s that simple. Galeo also offers this short video as a guide if you'd rather watch and follow along. 

My GPS Tracker For Bike Has Been Installed, Now What?

Take advantage of the features and make the most of what your bike tracker has to offer. Galeo’s sleek design and easy installation are just the beginning!

Register your bike with Project 529 because if your bike is stolen and recovered by police, they know who to return it to. Not only that, but after registration you’ll be a part of a community of bikers who look out for one another and help recover stolen bikes everyday. 

Plus, the motion alerts that The Galeo GPS Theft Prevention And Recovery Device offer are among the best, and there are 3 different options: 

  • Alert when out of Range: Receive an alert the second your bike breaks the BlueTooth connection.
  • Motion Alert: On the off chance that someone was able to remove your Galeo from your bike, or if it moves at all as someone attempts to tamper with it, you’ll receive an alert.
  • Sound the Alarm: Use the app to alert bystanders if you’re in the vicinity of a thief attempting to steal your bike.

Additionally, Galeo offers a feature called Smart Commute – your GPS tracker knows you’re near the bike and won’t sound the alarm unnecessarily when you hop on to go for a ride. 

Not only that, Galeo hooks up to an app and a quick download is all you need to get started after installation. This is also how you manage all those nifty alarm settings. Because the features are BlueTooth activated, a data plan isn’t required. However, a low-cost data plan does enable you to track down the exact location of your bike using the cellular connection. 

Choosing the right bike tracker is only the start. You’ll want a bike tracker that not only fits your needs but won’t take hours to install. Why waste time with screws, mounts, and other hardware when you can be out there riding the trails?!

Galeo makes the choice simple – amazing alarm features, a compact design, and easy installation. 

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