The Ultimate Guide to Bike GPS

Choosing a bike GPS can be difficult. This ultimate guide explains what to look for in a GPS tracking device for your bicycle and why Galeo is the right choice for you.

No one wants to talk about the worst-case scenario – you leave the store or return from a hike to find that your mountain bike isn’t where you left it. A stolen bike will take a toll on both your financial and mental well-being.

Over two million bikes are stolen in North America every year, with numbers on the rise each and every day. Galeo is here to help prevent bike theft in a way that allows you to act before it’s too late. 

What’s in this article?

  • Choose the Right Bike GPS
  • Why Choose Galeo
  • How to Use Galeo Bike GPS

Whether you’re wondering if you need a bike GPS or which bike GPS you should choose, you’re in the right place. A GPS device is an essential tool that will help the cycling community put an end to bike theft.

Discover What Galeo Can Do For You

Choose The Right Bike GPS

There are several things to consider when you research a bike GPS, and deciding is no easy task. Here are five things to keep in mind on your search:

  • How frequently will I have to charge the battery? You’ll need a good, long battery life — constantly charging your GPS can impede on your ability to ride wherever, whenever. 
  • How will it connect with my devices? Make sure you check which devices the tracker will connect to and the type of connection it allows. Choose one that is easy to connect, one that has a mobile application, and one that is compatible with your cell phone network. 
  • Is there an alarm? When will I get notifications? Some bike trackers are equipped with an alarm and automatic notification system. Others send email notifications, some send texts, and some send push alerts.  

  • Why The Galeo Bike GPS is the Best Choice

    The Galeo GPS Theft Prevention And Recovery Device offers a variety of amazing features and is equipped with the latest GPS, motion sensing, and cellular technologies. Losing your bike can leave you with a sense of helplessness. Regain confidence knowing that anytime you leave your bike unattended you can sound the alarm if someone tries to swipe it from its parking spot. 

    Check out these key features below: 


    The moment your bike moves without your consent you’ll be notified – the built-in accelerometer will send an alert to your phone if it senses motion or vibration. Choose from a variety of notifications, including Motion Alert, Smart Commute, Alert when out of Range, and more. 


    Proximity sensing will notify you as soon as your bike breaks the Bluetooth connection. If you’re in the vicinity you can activate the alarm to deter thieves or alert bystanders.  


    Easily secure your bike’s Galeo with tamper-resistant screws that make it difficult for it to be removed before you’re notified. Coupled with its sleek design, this bike GPS makes riding a breeze – no bulky or in-the-way hardware! 


    Most bike GPS tracking devices have a battery life that can sustain connectivity for a week – Galeo’s battery will last up to THREE with regular use! Charging is simple – use the included 2-meter USB-C charging cable and you’ll be back on the bike path in no time. 

    529 GARAGE 

    Galeo comes with a Project 529 serial number shield – if the police recover your bike they’ll know who to return it to. Registration is easy! Visit 529 Garage, enter the Project 529 serial number, and you’re good to go. 


    LTE-enabled GPS technology allows you to track your bike’s location using your mobile device, no matter the distance! Designed with a SIM card built-in, a data plan isn’t necessary. Should you need one, Galeo offers (affordable!) optional data plans, purchased separately in-app.

    Without a data plan, Galeo will require a Bluetooth connection with your phone to send alerts, sound the alarm, and configure. 


    This GPS bike tracking device was designed by a team of engineers versed in the development of ruggedized electronics. It is water-resistant to rain, snow, splash, and momentary submersion. Love rainy day bike rides? You’re covered! Prefer to cruise downhill on uneven terrain? No problem! 

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    Galeo is designed and manufactured in the United States with the cycling community in mind. Bikes can cost thousands of dollars, and they want to help protect your investment. 

    How To Use Your Galeo Bike GPS

    What happens after you receive your Galeo bike GPS? Getting started is simple! 

    Step 1: Download the Galeo app.

    Step 2: Open the app and activate your cellular connection. No SIM card necessary. 

    Step 3: Install your Galeo to the handlebars - this location provides the best GPS performance. 

    Step 4: Choose and set your alert settings. 

    Step 5: Take your bike for a spin knowing you’ve taken the extra step to protect your prized possession. 

    That’s it! It couldn’t be easier. 

    Galeo is on a mission to reduce bike theft and increase recovery … stolen no longer means lost! Using Galeo means your bike is never out of reach, and the motion detection technology allows you to react quickly. Receive the alert, sound the alarm, track, and recover. A bike GPS is an invaluable tool, and Galeo is the perfect fit for you. 

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