The differences between Bluetooth and 4G cellular technology in GPS asset trackers 

Not only can you use GPS trackers to find items that are lost, but more importantly it allows you to recover valuable items if they are ever stolen. As you explore options for protecting your high-value assets, understanding the advantages of choosing a cellular-enabled or Bluetooth device will help make sure you find the right device for your needs. 

Bluetooth is commonly used in devices like Tile® or AirTag® to track lost items like your keys or backpack. These devices operate on a Bluetooth peer-to-peer network, which means the right phone or app must wander near enough to the GPS tracker in order to see a specific date and time that it was located. While Bluetooth provides a reliable connection when connected to the mobile device, they must stay paired within a close range of up to 50 ft. 

Bluetooth devices can only reliably track items within 50 ft, and 4G cellular devices can track items within 45 miles (237,600 feet).

In other words, if you’re trying to track a trailer at the job site across town, an ice castle in summer storage, a commuter bike parked a few blocks away, or an ATV in winter storage, then it’s likely you’ll be out of 50 ft range to rely on the Bluetooth connection with your mobile device. Although the tracker may be within range of another device and pick up a signal that can be relayed to your device, there are no guarantees in the unfortunate event that your high-value asset is stolen.

4G cellular connection is more reliable and doesn’t rely on peer-to-peer network pairing as Bluetooth does. With 4G cellular connection in Galeo Ride and Galeo Pro, any asset can be easily tracked from wherever cellular towers can reach. This includes most remote areas because each cellular tower within the U.S. network of 200,000+ towers has a range of up to 45 miles (237,600 feet). 

Galeo is a reliable way to protect your high-value assets from theft, especially at longer distances. Invest in your peace of mind, and get Galeo’s reliable 4G cellular asset tracking.