Galeo was designed for rugged environments so that you can track your high-value assets in the most extreme conditions, including during the hot summer storage or cold winter storage seasons. Galeo is IP69K rated, which makes it super durable and gives you peace of mind, but what does it mean to be IP-rated?  

For more than 18 years our parent company Appareo has been developing game-changing IP-rated electronics that withstand challenging environments when installed on equipment like tractors, construction equipment, or aircraft. We set out to build Galeo so that our customers have peace of mind by providing a high-quality, rugged asset tracker- whether it’s for protecting your job site equipment or your outdoor lifestyle. Galeo was built to last. 

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings tell you whether a device is dust proof or water resistant.The enclosure for Galeo is IP69K rated, which is one of the highest standards. To achieve this, it undergoes a variety of tests to stimulate the conditions the product might see when in use. Some common tests simulate a bad power connection supply, shipment mishandling, dangerous collision impacts, electric shock, exposure to harsh chemicals, light exposure, extreme high/ low temperature exposure, and high vibration. In other words, we’ve thoroughly tested that the Galeo Pro device can be submerged in water, frozen in snow/ice, and pressure washed for cleaning without letting water inside the enclosure and ruining the electronics. Galeo Pro will even float in water!

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