If you’re ready to install Galeo Pro and start tracking your high-value assets, here are some tips to help you choose the best mounting location. For complete mounting and installation instructions, please refer to the user guide

1- Find out where it gets the best signal 

When mounting a Galeo Pro, it’s important that the device maintains a clear line of sight to the sky to ensure the best GPS signal possible. To communicate with cellular towers, the GPS signal will easily travel through plastic, fiberglass, glass, and similar materials. For example, the Galeo Pro signal will remain strong when it’s installed under a fiberglass truck bed cover or near a window inside of a camper. Metal, however, can interfere with the connection to the cell tower, so the device signal may not be reliable if it’s placed on the underside of a metal trailer frame or inside an enclosed metal trailer. 


2- Secure it how you see fit 

In your Galeo Pro kit, we provide 2 options for mounting: hardware and heavy duty double stick tape. Depending on your installation preference and where the device can get the best signal, we’ve also seen customers use magnets, zip ties, or wire cables to meet their individual needs. Although the enclosure is rugged IP69K rated, we still recommend securing the device to minimize vibration and bouncing as much as possible.


3- Test your mounting location before permanently installing the hardware 

After following some of the tips above to select the best location for Galeo Pro, we recommend trying a temporary installation first. To test that the device is working with your app, make sure the signal strength icon on your Galeo app isn’t red and is receiving a signal. Make sure that your Bluetooth settings are also temporarily turned off. If your Bluetooth setting is left on, then it may show a strong signal because the app is connected via Bluetooth to the device and in close proximity to your asset. A temporary mounting (like the double side tape) will allow you to test the signal strength in different locations before committing to a more permanent installation. 


Need more advice on how to mount your Galeo Pro? Email support@thegaleogroup.com or message us on social media for tips specific to your installation.