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Galeo Ride is a bike-mounted theft prevention and recovery device with a companion mobile application (iOS or Android). Galeo Ride can be configured to alert you when it senses motion and when it breaks Bluetooth connection. The device includes an audible alarm that is activated remotely from the mobile application as well as an LTE and GPS module that enables you to remotely track your bike from your phone. Galeo Ride comes with a built-in SIM already installed.

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MOTION-SENSING ALERTS: Galeo Ride’s built-in accelerometer sends an alert to your phone the moment it senses motion or vibration.

GPS, 4G LTE (SIM included): Galeo Ride’s LTE-enabled GPS means you can track down your bike from any distance. The device comes with a built-in SIM already installed. Galeo Ride is available for purchase and activation in the U.S. only.

REMOTE-ACTIVATED AUDIBLE ALARM: Activate Galeo Ride’s 90dB audible alarm right from your phone to scare away would-be thieves.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Galeo Ride’s battery will last 2-3 weeks with normal use, and can be recharged with the included 6-foot USB-C charging cable.

PROJECT 529 SHIELD: Galeo Ride comes complete with a Project 529 serial number shield. Register at the 529 Garage, and if your bike is recovered by the police, they’ll know who to return it to.

TAMPER RESISTANT: Attach Galeo Ride to your bike with tamper-resistant bolts that give you enough time to respond before a thief has time to disable it.

WATER RESISTANT: Galeo Ride is resistant to rain, snow, splash, and momentary submersion.

MADE IN THE USA: Galeo products are designed, manufactured, and supported in North Dakota, USA. The engineers behind Galeo are well-versed in the development of ruggedized electronics for agriculture and aviation, making Galeo Ride the most robust bike theft prevention and recovery tracker in the industry.

Having a data plan is optional. Without a data plan, Galeo must be in Bluetooth range to configure the device, send alerts, and sound the alarm from your phone. A data plan is required for cellular location and alert services. (Galeo is available for purchase and activation in the U.S. only.)

Plan options are:

Monthly: $1.99

Annual: $19.99

3-Year: $49.99

The data plan is selected and purchased in the Galeo app.