Firmware Update

Galeo Firmware Update (Galeo Ride Only)

NOTE: You must update your device in order to access the following features and improvements.


  • Alarm on Motion w/ Smart Commute
    • Configure your device to automatically sound an alarm when motion or tampering is sensed.
    • Activate smart commute and alarm on motion will disarm automatically when it senses a recognized Bluetooth connection, rearming when that connection is broken.
  • Remote activated audible alarm
    • Activate or deactivate audible alarm over a cellular connection.
    • Previously only possible over a Bluetooth connection.


  • Battery enhancements and characterization
    • Remote storage: 5-9 weeks
      • Consistent cellular connection
      • Galeo device is stationary (no motion)
      • Limited or no remote location updates over the cellular network
      • Limited or no Bluetooth connectivity
    • Normal use: 3-5 weeks
      • Consistent cellular connection
      • Daily motion events
      • Frequent Bluetooth connection
      • 1 to 2 remote location updates over the cellular network (without Bluetooth) per month
    • Poor or no cellular connection: 1-2 weeks
      • If no cellular connection is available, Galeo will search for a cellular connection until it dies. We are currently working to improve battery life in this case.
    • Improved Bluetooth stability
    • Fixed overwriting push notification issues
    • Fixed application crash when opening external web links
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and app improvements


    New Features:  Analog battery indicator (to provide the user with a better understanding of battery life), and Event logs (logging in-app notifications and push notifications).

    Updates: In-app function to repair a broken Bluetooth bond without plugging/unplugging the charging cable, improved cell tower location accuracy, in-app device mounting instructions and device configuration during setup.

Ensuring Galeo firmware is up-to-date

When a firmware update becomes available, you will receive an in-app notification when connected via Bluetooth. If you ignore this alert, or would like to check if your firmware is up to date at any time, simply establish a Bluetooth connection with your device — if a firmware update is available, you will receive a prompt.

Galeo’s motion sensor, motion alerts, and cellular-enabled GPS make it the latest innovation in theft prevention and recovery.
Galeo’s motion sensor, motion alerts, audible alarm, and cellular-enabled GPS make it the latest innovation in theft prevention and recovery.