Attention all Denver residents! You are eligible for a $400 rebate for buying a e-bike, or you can get an extra $500 rebate for purchasing a cargo e-bike for hauling all your stuff. The rebate is instant, residents can apply before they buy and bring the voucher to one of the participating bike shops in the city.

Once you get your new e-bike, protect it with Galeo Ride. Galeo Ride is a bike-mounted theft prevention and recovery device with a companion mobile application (iOS or Android). Galeo Ride can be configured to alert you when it senses motion and when it breaks Bluetooth connection. The device includes an audible alarm that is activated remotely from the mobile application as well as an LTE and GPS module that enables you to remotely track your bike from your phone. Galeo Ride comes with a built-in SIM already installed.

Purchase a Galeo Ride here

Denver residents can apply for the rebate here: